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With its own technology, JF PRISMA 5000 and operational advantages. They produce bales with precise density and dimensions, perfect look and resistant for reliable handling and storage.

Perfect in picking up, pressing, knotting and counting, JF balers produce compact and uniform bales from several types of forage like oat, alfafa, ryegrass, wheat straw, soya and rice straw among others.

It is also a great option for baling rice straw remaining after the harvest, featuring specific tires and auxiliary rims, this technology avoids mud from accumulating during the operation and allows working directly in the rice fields after the harvest.




• Prisma 5000: 1.73m pick-up driven by a strong cardan shaft with high capacity for receiving forage mass, including maize straw. It allows to process big windrows save work time and fuel. This more uniform flow of forage mass results also in bales with more accurate density and tying.


• Prisma 5000: Perfect synchronism with transmission made by gears and torsion shafts, without chains and without belts. It drives the pick-up, packing and knotting systems in perfect synchronism. The lowest maintenance in its class and it allows to take full advantage of tractor power.


• Prisma 5000: High speed compression plunger (100 strokess/minute) slides smoothly on sealed bearings consuming less power due to less friction between plunger and the trails. This results in higher speed of bale compression and machine displacement. It's more productivity, less hours worked and lower fuel consumption.


• Prisma 5000: Reliable German technology Rasspe knotter: Simple and of easy operation, the Rasspe knotter assures precision in tying the bales with natural (sisal) and synthetic twines. The perfect tying is essential for a handling without loss, easy storage and protection of forage quality.


• Prisma 5000: Self deflecting feeder fork that when overloaded the it deflects automatically and keeps the system in constant functioning, balanced and synchronized with the pick-up and compression plunger. This delivers a perfect feeding flow without unnecessary stops and makes JF Prisma the most productive in its class.


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