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JF Spin 3000 S2 rake and tedder combo has a flexible system resulting in versatility in a single equipment. Its tines are adjustable and spread the forage evenly for a quicker and homogeneous drying, making the hay process easier and faster.

The change to rake mode is simple and quick where JF Spin 3000 S2 will swath all the dry forage into uniform windrows, improving the baler performance and feeding process afterwards.

Even working on uneven terrains the Spin 3000 S2 smoothly follow the tractor due to its coupling system and wide tires.

The standard of tedding can be adjusted by height of tires and rotor inclination, and the deflectors are adjustable  to work on edges as well as ditches in order to avoid wasting of material.




Tedding and windrowing equipment, JF Spin 3000 S2, 3m working width, powered by tractor PTO, featuring fastening lever, cardan, support stand, lever cable, fastening bar, lower connector, support wheel, safety protection, left and right deflectors, left and right rotors, narrow tines, wide tines, upper coupling, adjustable forks, moving linkage, adjustable standard tedding, adjustable tire height, adjustment of rotor inclination to define tedding standard, adjustable deflectors, horizontal springs, change of tedding to windrowing function by setting springs height, deflectors and tires, safety system for rake locking when on hanging posision, cardan transmission, work and transport position, required revolution at PTO of 350 to 540 RPM, minimum required power at PTO from 15 hp.




• Uniform tedding and windrowing due to the adjustable spring system in the horizontal position;

• Ease to change from tedding to windrowing modes with a simple adjustment of springs, deflectors and tires;

• Reduction of wind impact on cut grass due to the horizontal springs that keep the product closer to the ground;

• Adjustable deflectors minimize losses in both flat and uneven terrains and also allows working on edges and ditches avoiding wastes;

• Safety system locks the rake when on hanging position;

• Standard tedding adjustment with the setting of tires height and rotor inclination.




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