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STORAGE TANK_edited.jpg

Key Features:

  • Full turnkey installation by Storth from greenfield site

  • Enamelled glass coated slurrystore sheets

  • Bespoke Tank Sizes

  • Top extendable models available to future proof storage

  • Storth Ancillary items manufactured to Storth Highest standard

  • Alternative Colours available

  • 45 Years design life

STORTH Storage Tanks come in a wide variety of sizes which vary in both height and width so that they can cover a range of applications whether the tank is for holding animal effluent or industrial waste.

The vitreous enamel coating combines the benefits of steel and glass.  This system of coating the steel is unrivalled by any other coating system and has a proven design life of 45 years.  Unlike concrete storage tanks, a STORTH tank gives you the flexibility to extend the tank at a later date and may be used for holding either animal slurry or industrial effluents.


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